Ryan Holiday’s Reading List

I love to read, even though I don’t have as much time for it anymore I try to fit it in whenever I can. I was going to start by talking about a few books I’ve read recently when I realized it’s easier to just talk about Ryan Holiday’s Reading  List. Most of the books I’ve read and given as gifts and really loved in the last year have come from this list. If you subscribe to his email list he’ll email you monthly reading suggestions with a quick blurb and why you would enjoy them. If you don’t know who Ryan Holiday is check him out or maybe pick up one of his books. All his books are good but “The Obstacle is the Way” is my favorite,  and it’s  only 4$ on Kindle.


So what to do…

Lots of things have been going on in my life but I don't really feel like writing about it. So the question is what do with my little corner of the Web? I think for awhile I'm just going to write about things I like and hope other people enjoy too … [Continue reading]

End of Semester

So it's the end of the semester and I'm doing that last minute push where I'm finishing up all the stuff I kinda slacked on during he semester and put of until I literally couldn't put it off any longer.   I have an internship this summer in LA which … [Continue reading]


I am an Addictive Personality, they say, a natural slave to passion - and many Doctors have warned me against it. I am a High-risk Patient. Hunter S. Thompson So I have been not been doing a good job of updating this thing because I've been … [Continue reading]

Time flies when your busy!!

So it's been two months since I updated this.  A lot has been happening.  I work about 35 hours a week but I really like my job, it's at an awesome place in town that has great southern style small plates and tons of delicious bourbon but thats a lot … [Continue reading]

Crossfit – toughest 3 weeks of my life

So I started crossfit and finished with crossfit before I got a chance to write about it.  First of all crossfit is awesome.  I saw the fastest results of any workout program I've ever done and it was fun even though it was incredibly hard and … [Continue reading]

Quick Update

Sorry it's been awhile since I've updated but this is just a quick update until I have some more time this weekend.  Things have been going well.  Started CrossFit (one goal down) and it's kicking my ass but getting me stronger, really helping my … [Continue reading]

Making Friends

One of my goals for when I moved to college was to make friends, which when I wrote it I thought it was silly and kinda funny but turns out its much harder than I thought..  I have never had a problem making friends in my life.  I have always been an … [Continue reading]

Moving to College

I recently moved to college and this was a big change.  I had planned to work up to the last moment before I moved, literally.  I was going to get off work at 11:00 Saturday night and move the next morning.  This was a terrible idea.  The week before … [Continue reading]

Goals for Fall Semester 2013

In no particular order.... Workout Try Crossfit Try Jiu-Jitsu Get a 4.0 Get a girlfriend I care about Make Friends Be active in the Milling Science club Get a job Stay a Nonsmoker (I quit smoking July 24 after smoking for 15 … [Continue reading]