OTF Workout Summary

I’ve started Orange Theory Fitness recently and I love it!  I have done various workout programs in the past and this is one of my favorites.  It’s super intense with a focus on cardio but with weight training and body weight workouts as well.  It’s HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) so workouts consist mostly of treadmill, rower and weights.  Every workout is slightly different and they seem to be really effective at pushing you.  Its also centered around heart rate and everyone wears a heart rate monitor and shows your status and progress and a huge monitor.  There are many posts outlining all the benefits of orange theory and I’ll link to a few good ones because they are much better than anything I’d write.  This workout finally got me to run which anyone who knows me knows has been a life long challenge.  I’m 2 weeks in so still fairly new but as of now I think this is a good option, especially with New Years resolutions coming up.  They talk a lot about splat points and after burn which I don’t know if I buy into but who cares?  Its a great workout even if there is no after burn at all!

I do think when I get more time and settled (life is kinda nuts right now, moving, etc.) I will add in a couple days of traditional heavy weightlifting for a more well rounded workout program but I still think orange theory is expensive but awesome!


My First Orangetheory Fitness Class