Kindle Paperwhite has been one of my favorite things for years.  My whole life I’ve been a huge reader.  Whether I was in school or working I  always read at least 30 books a year.  I’m also pretty ADD so I would read multiple books at a time.  When I was a younger this meant I would literally carry around multiple books like Rory Gilmore from the Gilmore Girls.  This was a huge pain in the ass.  The kindle changed all that and the Kindle Paperwhite is my favorite version of the kindle.  They have other fancier versions of the Kindle but I can’t imagine needing more than what the Paperwhite offers.  It has a light but isnt backlit so you don’t have to stare into a light.  It has an E-Ink display which is the best for reading anywhere because it won’t hurt your eyes and doesn’t have glare from the sun and other light sources.  Its small enough to carry anywhere and the battery life can last up to 6 weeks.  Also you can read before bed and you don’t have to worry about it messing up your sleep because the E-Ink display won’t mess with you like reading a tablet or watching a screen will.  Pair it with the official amazon cover and it’s the perfect solution to your reading issues.  Another great thing is that amazon puts books on Sale everyday so if you wait awhile you can ususally find the books you want to read for less than five dollars and many times as low as 99 cents.  You can also share the books you own with a family member with a kindle and there are all you can read services available, though I don’t use them because the books I wanted to read didn’t seem to be on there all the time but my sister uses it and loves it.  In closing this little device has made my life easier and more enjoyable and has made reading much more available.  If you like to read I’d suggest grabbing one.  Right now they are on sale for 99$ which is 20$ off but even at full price they are worth it!