When  I was in college I was described as a psychologist as the most ADD person he had ever met.  My whole life I’ve struggled with ADD when it comes to fitting into structured society.  I eventually just said fuck it and decided to live my life in a way that fit with how my mind worked.  I tried various methods in my later years to improve things and I discovered meditation.  Meditation was brought up frequently by very successful people and the podcasts I listened to would mention it repeatedly but I thought there was no way I was going to be able to meditate.  Sitting quietly seemed to be outside the realm of possibility to me.  I read multiple books which all helped and gave me tips but still I wasn’t able to successfully meditate.  Then I found this app which walks you though meditation with guidance and animations that will help you be successful in a meditation practice.  The true sign of success was when a stranger told me I seemed very peaceful and had a calming energy which if you know me is very unusual.  The other tip that helped me the most with my meditation practice is the fact that I would always say I couldn’t be as peaceful as a Buddhist monk but then it was pointed out that if you watched the NBA you would think “I could never dunk like Jordan,” but that doesn’t mean you would never find benefit in playing basketball.  Buddhist monks dedicate their life to meditating so of course they will be better than you.  Focus on just sitting for 10 min and if you get a few seconds of a clear mind call it a win.  It’s like going to the gym for your brain.  Give it a shot, trust me the benefits will be immense.