The Edge…There is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are ones who have gone over – HST

Hello World!

I had a blog for years when I was younger. I was the tip of the spear in blogging but it was just about my life and at that point my life was pretty wild. Things got mellow and I stopped writing and kinda got on with life. Well it’s time to get back to writing more.

This last year has been big for me. First trip to Europe (Finland and Switzerland, beautiful countries), got a psychiatrist and dialed in my mental health meds (I had stopped taking everything years ago because they always were a mess and didn’t make things better but also had only been seeing Family Practice doctors for this), got into therapy and just really tried to improve all areas of my life. I’ll talk about that stuff and how things have improved and changed in my life. What I’m doing to continue this path and just things I like and that I’m interested in, so get ready for some talk about poker, records and comics.

I’m hoping writing hear helps me clarify my thoughts on things which others might enjoy but also be record for myself on things which might not be interesting to anyone but me. It should be an interesting time and I hope anyone who reads this gets a kick out of it and maybe learns a little something.

So with that I look forward to seeing what comes of this.

Also I was encouraged by listening to Matt Mullenweg on Tim Ferris’ podcast and I finally pulled the trigger because of this blog post I saw today, so I hope I made it in under the wire Matt. Started this because of you.






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